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Malavika Tiwari graduated in French Language and Literature from the Jawahar Lal Nehru University, New Delhi in 1982. The same year she moved to Jackson, Mississippi for a year and a half where she completed the required credits and graduated from Millsaps College. Upon her return to Mumbai, India, she soon realized that she was more inclined towards the arts rather than a career in translation and interpretation, the obvious option given her qualification. Her inherent interest in creative pursuits led her into the world of advertising, television, drama and fashion. Her media career spanned ten years when she enjoyed success as both a model and actress, performing significant roles in several popular television series and a few cameo appearances in cinema.

In 1992, Malavika moved to Manhattan (New York City, USA) where she met Patti Kelly, faculty at the stained glass department of Parsons School of Design, New York. This led to four weeks of intensive training. Malavika instantly knew that she had finally found her true métier. Stained glass had the aesthetic and historical depth that she valued. The sheer joy of working with her hands in medium that dealt with strong design and thematic content had her spellbound.

Malavika returned to New Delhi in 1993 and set up her studio under the name of Kaleidoscope. Her first job was for Raheja Constructions of New Delhi to design and execute a large flat ceiling panel of 1.2m x 1.8m (4’x 6’) for a private residence. The project completed successfully and she was asked by the same company to make large skylights for a corporate guesthouse in Calcutta.
Turning Point:

With the first two jobs finished and installed, Malavika set about putting together a portfolio; something she retained from years spent in the modeling and advertising industry. Armed with this she approached M/S Hafeez Contractors, one of the largest and most prestigious architectural firms in India. Her ‘cold-call’ paid off with an order for an exclusive residence in Mumbai - for a total of more than 18.5 sq.m (200 sq.ft) of leaded glass. The one room, one table studio, with only one craftsperson (that she had trained) would no longer suffice. A new space was rented, worktables were ordered, and trainees were hired. The studio name of “Kaleidoscope” was abandoned in favor of one more personalized. ‘Malavika Tiwari Glass Art’ came into being and there was no looking back.
Present Status:

In business since 1993, Malavika Tiwari Glass Art is the market leader in cutting edge design and has been the fastest growing studio in the Indian stained glass industry. The studio has brought a new vitality to the traditional medium by weaving ethnic, traditional and modern motifs together to create a unique style. Malavika’s constant desire to push the boundaries ensured she kept her edge and that set her studio apart from the clutter that had mushroomed virtually overnight. Choosing from a myriad palette of colored, textured, etched, sandblasted and fused glass, combining them with custom-made bevels and jewels into stylized original designs that are a notable trademark of her work. Special emphasis upon precise draftsmanship, proportion and integration of design is given to every commission, providing each client with an individual piece of art. Malavika personally handles all phases of design development; fabrication and installation, keeping in mind the nature of the architectural setting, physical requirements and the clients’ budget.

As a pioneer in the modern stained glass movement in India, Malavika has the distinction of helping to familiarize the Indian market with contemporary art glass while lending a note of legitimacy and a higher profile for India’s glazing industry. Malavika has been invited to deliver lectures at many forums and has given a series of talks on the history and origin of stained glass and its contemporary application at a Design Symposium held at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi in association with the National School of Design. She has also been a guest speaker at the Modern School and the Vasant Valley School (two of Delhi’s premier educational institutions) to share her knowledge and experience on the viability of stained glass as an alternative profession. She has attracted other artists to follow her into this vocation and today her training classes ensure that this profession will continue to build a significant status in India. Malavika is a benevolent supporter of the NGO ‘Youthreach India’ whose underlying mission is to inform and empower others to make a positive contribution towards the environment, women and children in Delhi.