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MTGA is based out of New Delhi , India . We occupy a large, efficiently managed and well equipped studio in a commercial complex with separate areas for crafting, finishing and storing which meets international environment standards for safety and hygiene.

We have a staff of skilled crafts persons and the studio has the capability of handling orders from 500 to 750 square feet per month on a regular basis. We are currently fabricating a stained glass dome measuring 1300sq.ft for a landmark mall project in New Delhi.


Design being the thrust area and the foundation stone to the success of Malavika Tiwari Glass Art, we would be happy to work out design intents in stained glass for projects requiring exceptional sensitivity to the medium based on the requirement of the client. We can create virtually any style to suit a particular enquiry.


In translating design intent to artworks, our team of designers and draftspersons excel in developing custom made artworks to suit your exact specifications. Artworks can be developed efficiently in a program of your choice, i.e. AutoCAD, Photoshop, and can be sent back to you in real time.


India has a very large clear and textured glass industry. Rates are globally competitive, added to which labor costs are also viable. This creates the perfect environment to deliver high quality hand crafted items in stained and leaded glass. Malavika Tiwari Glass Art has the capacity to execute volume based export orders.