Studio Design Book

By Malavika Tiwari

Malavika Tiwari Art Glass Studio of New Delhi, India Presents an Eclectic Porfolio of Remarkable and Inspirational Stained Glass Art

Malavika Tiwari has been described as a pioneer in the modern stained glass movement in India. The portfolio of work showcased throughout Windows of Mystique includes a wide variety of design themes from traditional bevel, to nature scenes, Prairie styles and contemporary designs in addition to some that offer a synergy of Indian and Western art forms.

"Windows of Mystique" presents location specific photography that includes entryways, windows, skylights, ceiling lights, partitions and more. The text features a brief history of the designer and her studio in addition to insightful descriptive photo captions that are written in Malavika's own words.

"Windows of Mystique" has something for every art glass enthusiast and will be a valuable resource for homeowners, architects, art glass studios, interior designers, and stained glass hobby crafters.

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